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Transform employees from an organisation's weakest link, to the strongest line of defence by altering their psychology, with adaptive learning & assessment, automation, gamification, risk profiling, machine learning that delivers results when real attacks strike.

The more we sweat in training, the less we bleed in cyber war.


Because traditional classroom training doesn't work in cybersecurity

Advanced LMS for Adaptive Learning

HumanFirewall is a fully-featured Cyber LMS platform with content available in English, Native Arabic among many others. Our platform is designed to ensure that users are trained on what is most important to them and their roles, using adaptive learning principles.

Real-Time Protection That Works

HumanFirewall works when it matters the most - during real attacks. With its one-click reporting system, your employees can report potential threats without hassle, and the platform will handle the rest - automagically.

Email Security Reinforced

Say goodbye to missed threats with the world's first risk-rating based approach to email security. Our Email Security Assistant (ESA) highlights any potential risks inside already delivered emails, providing post-delivery protection.

Gamified Learning Experience

Delivering adaptive learning to the right person at the right time is more likely to stick in the minds of your employees and executives. With a personalised user experience dashboard, your employees will be inspired to learn and improve.

Personalized User Experience Dashboard

Your employees are your first line of defence against cyber threats. With HumanFirewall's personalised user experience dashboard, they can monitor their progress, earn rewards, and learn what they did right and wrong. You can even issue badges and certificates to make learning fun and engaging.

Evaluate Your Employees

With our phishing simulation tool, you can evaluate your employees' responses in real time, with a wide variety of scenarios to choose from. You can even opt for custom-designed scenarios tailored to your organization's needs.

Individual-based Risk-profiles

HumanFirewall's Virtual Cyber Risk Officer (vCRO) builds risk profiles for each employee. You can measure risk at the organizational, departmental, or individual level, and view results in real-time. vCRO also measures each person's intention to comply with training and helps you monitor and manage your human-layer cyber risk.

Real-Time Reporting at Your Fingertips

HumanFirewall offers one-click reporting for users and native integration with M365, Exchange, GSuite, Lotus, and most other popular email platforms. One-click omnipresent reporting enables user reporting suspicious emails without hassle from any device, including desktops, laptops, and mobile phones.

Instantly Remediate Attacks

HumanFirewall not only enables one-click reporting but also instantly remediates incidents, whether manually or through automation. Our platform includes an automated playbook for phishing incident response.

Post-Delivery Protection

Paired with our Email Security Assistant (ESA), the EmailRemediator module of HumanFirewall provides incredible power and control over email communication. Our swiss-cheese model of email security is human-centric and complements your secure email gateway.

Orchestrates Auto-Blacklisting

HumanFirewall goes beyond remediation by extracting indicators of compromise and blacklisting them on your secure email gateway and other security products. Integration with most tools is available via STIX/TAXII or APIs.

Trusted by Governments and Large Enterprises

HumanFirewall is trusted by the government and armed forces for its native Arabic content and white-glove service delivery. Our content teams are located globally to ensure that the content appeals to your organization. Request a demo today to see why HumanFirewall is the ultimate cybersecurity solution.

Deployment Options for Every Need

HumanFirewall is easy to deploy on-premise, in your local cloud, or on global cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP. With options for SaaS deployments, HumanFirewall is unique in servicing large enterprises and government customers.

Simplifying the Complex

Say "Hello!" to efficiency with our user-friendly design. We believe that technology should simplify and not complicate your life. So why not make the switch to a more seamless experience? Join the ranks of those who have discovered the power of an effortless interface.

Fully Managed Services

Don't settle for subpar cybersecurity experience. At HumanFirewall, we understand the importance of having reliable and consistent support. That's why we offer managed services with a dedicated team available 24/7 to assist you with any issue or question.

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