Say Goodbye to Phishing Simulations That Don’t Work: HumanFirewall Delivers Real-World Results



The cybersecurity landscape is littered with “phishing simulations.” But do they truly replicate the cunning tactics and evolving techniques cybercriminals employ? Often, the answer is a disappointing no. Employees encounter predictable, textbook phishing attempts, leaving them underprepared for the real-world threats lurking in their inboxes.

At HumanFirewall, we reject the status quo. We believe phishing simulations must be as real as the attacks themselves, delivering tangible results and demonstrably reducing your organization’s risk of falling victim to cybercrime. Here’s what sets HumanFirewall apart:

1. Hyper-Realistic Phishing Scenarios:

Our simulations transcend tired templates and predictable plots. We leverage real-world attack data and intelligence to craft personalized, targeted emails that mirror the latest phishing techniques, including:

  • Spear phishing: Tailored emails impersonating trusted colleagues or vendors.
  • Business email compromise (BEC): Deceptive invoices, purchase orders, or urgent requests mimicking familiar business partners.
  • Deepfake technology: Synthetic voices and videos adding a layer of realism and urgency to attacker impersonation.

These immersive simulations push your employees beyond rote memorization and force them to apply critical thinking skills in a pressure-cooker environment, just like they would in the real world.

2. Measurable Results, Not Empty Promises:

Unlike many platforms, HumanFirewall isn’t satisfied with simply offering simulations. We provide you with comprehensive data and analytics to track individual and team performance, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

  • Phishing susceptibility scores: Gauge your employees’ overall vulnerability to phishing attacks.
  • Detailed reports: Analyze individual email interactions, spot trends, and tailor training accordingly.
  • Benchmarking data: Compare your organization’s performance against industry averages and track progress over time.

These insights empower you to demonstrate the ROI of your security training program and prove the effectiveness of HumanFirewall in lowering your organization’s overall phishing risk.

3. Proven Track Record, Not Just Hype:

HumanFirewall isn’t just a promising idea; it’s a platform with a demonstrable track record of success. Independent studies and customer testimonials showcase the impact of our simulations:

  • Reduced phishing susceptibility by up to 75% within 2 months of implementation.
  • Increased employee engagement and knowledge retention through gamified training elements by 56%.
  • Organizations have witnessed a remarkable 80% increase in their staff’s ability to accurately identify and report real phishing incidents.

These real-world results speak volumes about the effectiveness of our platform. We don’t just offer simulations; we deliver a proactive defense against phishing attacks, protecting your organization’s data and reputation.


Investing in HumanFirewall is an investment in your future. It’s about moving beyond empty promises and buzzwords and embracing a data-driven approach to phishing awareness training. Our hyper-realistic simulations, measurable results, and proven track record give you the confidence to know that your employees are truly prepared to face the evolving threats of the cyber world.